Aldo Peñafiel

Bagging Module



Chick-fil-A needed an interactive way to get onboarding employees familiar with the bagging procedures used to most effectively and efficiently bag food orders.

The process involved a three step system that included the required cutlery, the particular order in which items had to be placed in the various available bag sizes and the various sauces and dressing included with specific menu items.







Instructional Design

Graphic Design

The scope for this particular module wouldn’t allow for a learning simulation but had to be interactive enough to keep the learner’s attention and get them familiar with Chick-fil-A’s bagging system. 

As such I had to ensure that the visuals used were as close to the ones employees would see on the job, while not immersing them in a simulative experience. 


The two main visual points I used to design the training module hinged on

• The POS Display Screens

• The Mobile App UI|UX

This would merge both in house experiences while keeping consistency in usability and branding systems that employees are dealing with throughout onboarding.

The module would have employees bagging 5 different orders, each one going through the 3 step process to ensuring completion.

I added a timed component to the module that would simulate the rush employees would feel as orders piled on and locked each new order sequentially to ensure they would complete each order, in order.

Each step involved a series of interactions employees would have to correctly hit to move onto the next step, each with hint states and feedback incorporated to help guide users having trouble with remembering the correct procedure.

I laid the basic functions out and then prototyped the linear progression out, including basic button functionality.

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